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Game concept


“Chop the flag” is game played by two or more people. It is about speed and imagination, about contrast and intuition. The point of the game is to chop the flag and bring it to your starting point in order to win. All the characters are caring an axe that is needed to chop the flag and it can also be used to fight between each other. The flag is positioned somewhere in the middle of the map, always on different place but the same distance from all the players.terrain

As we said above, this game is not only for small kids, but can also be played by adults. The game will consist of levels, after each one level the winner will get treasures/money and will become stronger and faster, he will be able to chop down some trees and make him-self a house where to keep his treasures. We will create a place, where the players can buy things they need. For every hit the character gets, he loses some of his money and blood. There also will be a way to heal him-self when eating some food.

Untitled-2The game could have levels, for example with 2 or more flags to be captured, but on a particular order. It is also possible for each player to be on a different map and the points to be counted after the fastest player chops all the flags first.